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A Word From THUMPER & Leah

February 24, 2011

Prospective Buyers & Sellers,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend G-II and Lori!  They lead us step-by-step through the up’s and down’s of our year-long short sale, treating us like their own children.  Like so many other military members across the country, we had to move out of the area and were not able to sell our house for anywhere near the amount we owed.  We would have had to foreclose on our home if it weren’t for G-II and Lori’s knowledge of the short sale process, and their patience and persistence during the negotiations with all the agencies involved.

Our short sale was long and complicated.  After nearly ½ dozen failed transactions, and well over a year of negotiating with two stubborn lenders, G-II and Lori rescued our home from foreclosure (3 times during this process) and negotiated a full discharge of debt and release of both liens and waiver of each lender’s rights to pursue deficiency balances for $14,000 on a $221,000 deficit.

G-II and Lori helped us make hard decisions, and always kept our spirits high even in the darkest hours.  We cannot thank them enough for the peace of mind they have given us.  All we can do is recommend them to anyone going through this painful process.  If you are considering a short sale, trust the professional expertise of Lori and G-II!


Todd  & Leah Halverson

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