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A Word From MSgt Altamirano

From: MSgt Audrey Altamirano
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2011 11:55 AM
To: Lori & G-IIs eTeam of Professional REALTOR®
Subject: RE: FHA Memos in case of a Government Shutdown and a bit of commentary

GII: All I can say is "God Bless you and Lori" for taking great care and interest in us military who are just trying to have a little house to call home and you definitely made sure we tried everything to make this happen.  After my 24 years in service, and 11 assignments you can imagine how important it was for me to have a place of my own.  Again, as we continue to go thru the remaining process, I am ever so grateful. 

From: MSgt Audrey Altamirano
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2011 6:26 AM
To: Lori & G-IIs eTeam of Professional REALTOR®
Subject: RE: FHA Memos in case of a Government Shutdown and a bit of commentary

Hi GII:  Thanks for the great info and your support for us military folks! I have been busy all week this issue of the possible shutdown, at least they now have temporary solution. I just can't believe they would not pay the military after all the sacrifices we make!  While our military is out fighting the war; the last thing they need is to be worried about their loved ones back home and how they will be taken care of and their financial bills as well.  I just don't get our government in how they even thought to do this to us?

From: Lori & G-IIs eTeam of Professional REALTOR®
To: All Of Our Military Family and Friends
Subject: FHA Memos in case of a Government Shutdown and a bit of commentary
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 15:13:27 -0700

Hi folks,

Thought you would find these FHA/HUD memos useful, if the government shuts down. Only 6 hours and change to go before congress shuts down the government. CLICK to read FHA Shutdown Industry and CLICK to read FHA Shutdown Consumer FAQs

I also just received text messages from several troops we represent. Each of them have told us that they just received notice that their “Mid-Month” LES (Leave & Earning Statement) shows ½ of their normal pay. It appears that the DoD is bracing for a shutdown.

Think about it. We have troops fighting three wars. These brave men and women have to keep their head in the game and yet, now they will be forced to be concerned about their loved ones, back at home, trying to figure out, do I pay my car payment, pay my rent, pay my mortgage, pay my credit card payments or feed my family? Quite a dilemma and yet we ask these brave souls to put their lives on the line and between us and harm’s way. I just don’t get it!

When the republicans, lead by Newt Gingrich, shut down the government in 1995 and again in 1996, over funding for Medicare, education, the environment and public health, the end result was that there were few, if any changes to Medicare, education, the environment and public health. My point is, that the shutdown did little to nothing to advance the reduction of the national debt. It was in later years that President Clinton was able to produce a budget that actually built a surplus, that has since been squandered by both sides of the isles.

I don’t want to get in a political fight or on a political soapbox; however, if you have an opinion, one way or the other, you really should find time to contact your congressional leaders and let them know how you feel about the way they are letting their ideological politics mess with your lives and our national security.

Attachments included are:

1.       FHA_Shutdown_Industy_040811.pdf

The following links will take you to your congressional leader’s web sites



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